Why Write About Social Media and Sports Management

I thought I’d kick-start this thing with a few thoughts about why it could be interesting to write about sports management and social media.

First, I have a feeling that sports management itself is not necessarily a topic that is widely or appropriately covered on the ‘Net. Sure, there are commercial organizations active in this field which tries to increase or maintain their visibility by touting their wares or value proposition on their website or blog. But I have yet to come across a forum for unbiased, non-commercially oriented exchanges on what are the key factors for a sports organization to be managed for success.

Second, while social media is all about encouraging self-designated membership of chosen “communities of interest”, and about offering those members a way to produce & share user-generated content (think Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, or microblogging pioneer Twitter), these functionalities of social media do not seem to me to have made sufficient strides in the field of sports management – which is puzzling, since sportspeople typically think of themselves as dedicated members of a community of interest (triathletes, inline skates, runners, you name them – they are all much more than part of a club, a Federation or a sports organization, they feel they are part of a community).

Finally, there seem to be very few attempts out there to bring these 2 fields together, at least in the open-discussion form of a blog – with a few notable exceptions. Jason Peck’s Take A Peck blog provides very valuable insights specifically on sports and social media, with a US perspective; Lewis Howe’s’ Sports Networker blog also puts social media front-and-center in his discussions on sports, giving contributors in his very wide network a chance to share their expertise; Russell Szigeti, a regular contributor to the Business of Sport blog, is also extremely knowledgeable on the topic of technology in sports.

All are excellent, and I encourage you to subscribe to their feed – as well as follow them on Twitter, at Jason peck, sports networker, and race Betty, respectively. (I will provide in a later post more Twitter handles of users I find interesting in this space).

In this blog, I will, therefore, try to start what will hopefully become a lively exchange on how social media functionalities can and should be introduced into the management of sports organizations and/or events.

Since my background is in consulting, and more specifically on financial budgeting & controlling, I will also post the occasional article on the financial management of sports organizations – from a budgeting as well as an expense-monitoring perspective.

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