The iPod Technology Dock in My Vehicle

Music entertainment has revolutionized by the invention of the iPod. Everyone uses the iPod to listen to music and is easy to use. This same fact has made it an excellent option to be used in the car. The iPod technology can be played with the help of a stereo system of the car. This is a very simple process to play the iPod. It utilizes the radio signal with low wattage.

Some FM transmitters that are wireless use the battery of the iPod as the source of power most of the arrangement is wireless and therefore does not occupy much space and crowd up the dashboard. Some cheap brands offer dock that can be fixed in the lighter port. The power source for these ports is the battery of the car. But how do I fit an iPod dock in my car?

The method of fitting the iPod dock is simple and needs a dock that fits the iPod. There are standard dock sizes for iPod from different brands like that of more. These are available in a wide range of costs. These may be hands-free and prevents the dashboard to look overcrowded.

The first step is to buy a suitable dock depending on the user’s requirements. These docks are available in various colors. Care must also be taken to make sure the iPod that is to be used fits properly in the dock. There are different docks like Griffin I Trip.

Then the dock is then fixed at any port that has a power supply which is generally the port for the cigarette lighter.

The dock is fit directly into the USB port of the iPod. These docks fit well in all cars and hence universal. The docks work properly in all the automobiles that have a stereo system.

The plug-in transmitters are another important part needed to play the iPod. They are similar to that of wireless transmitters. The dock which fits into the port produces signals essentially with low wattage and the transmitter picks some stations within the range.

The wireless docks are much compacter but since the system uses the battery of the iPod as the source of power and therefore reduces the battery longevity of the iPod making it a disadvantage for use in long drives.

On the other hand, the plug-in transmitters use the battery of the car for power and not that of the iPod because of which the iPod has a longer life. This system is hands-free and considered to be much safer than the wireless dock. This has a disadvantage in space. It is generally larger than the wireless dock and hence occupies more space.

In our above discussion of how do I fit an iPod dock in my car, we see that both the wireless and the plug-in type have both advantages and disadvantages. It is subjective to each person to claim which is better than the other based on their requirements. It is necessary to consider both and select the one most suitable.

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