The Nano Technology With Human Biosystem and Supercomputers

It is largely speculated and a lot of the people in the health-related profession and the research field opine that it is indeed inevitable that very soon the Nano-machines will enter right into the body to fix issues at the cell level, thence kill the cancer cells and eradicate toxins.

Now, the question is that weather is this real or is it just a Science Fiction? Certainly, but the problems are more acute with the blood cleaning and also the liver cleaning first and all of these Nano-machines will aid by permitting the system to perform its job.

It is possible that the machines would be removed by the blood filtration and the immune system would do the rest of the job. A seasoned scientist predicted that an aged woman could be in her youth again and hence reappear to her age within the shortest possible time?

The period might be in mere weeks, days or even hours; but is it even possible? A lot of people say yes it is possible, but also realize it would be getting noticed upon the very next cycle of the “change-over” of the body cells, which could eventually take as long as 2 years to see the changes.

Also, comprehend that gene therapy would also be required.
A section that opposes this particular believes that the female’s self-immune system would be attacking the nanometers or Nano-machines. But as a matter of fact, is this true? Wouldn’t it be a major war inside her body? Well, the answer is affirmative; the young immune systems thence require to be downplayed while the process runs.

Probably, the “Blocker food supplements” such as these, which get bind with fat content, they might even bind with some of the nutrients, that eventually supercharge the overall immune system.
But at the end of the day, the fact is that such statements can never be made; as we don’t know about this yet. So, better wait for a real confirmation then go for it.

Supercomputers – The Stakeholders of Science

The supercomputer is defined as a specialized form of computer machine that is designed to perform complicated and precise tasks with maximum accuracy. Some of its application fields are in weather forecasting and biological researches.

They hold the power and capability of a thousand desktop PC’s and thereby is pretty expensive. To date, The Blue Gene/L is regarded as the fastest computer to be ever made. It is now located in the national lab of Japan. To your ultimate surprise, it can perform as many as 35.6 trillions of mathematical problems every second.

The basic differences between a supercomputer and desktop PC’s are listed below which will certainly offer you an initial overview of the capability of Supercomputers:

1) Supercomputers are regarded as the most powerful electronic machine on earth and only used difficult jobs that require massive analysis, accurate measurement and precise handling of data. It is widely used in high-tech laboratory researches, for weather forecasts, in nuclear researches, and the animation industry and so on.

2) Power from Supercomputers is devoted to only a few programmers, whereas in the desktop computers all the applications are run concurrently.

The processing capacity of the Supercomputers is beyond our imagination. Initially, it was mainly made use of because of its electric speed of calculation.

Supercomputers were first introduced by Sam our Cray. Sam our Cray brought to the world supercomputers with modern designs. He commenced those computers through his personally owned company called the ‘Cray research.’

Without a doubt, Supercomputers are one of the best resources for the development of science and technology. In dealing with scientific processes they have proved to be pretty efficient. They are a lot faster than the ones we use in our daily life but on the other side of the coin, they can power limited data when the comparison is drawn with normal PCs.

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