All About Samsung Galaxy Series and Revolution IPad Technology


The Samsung Galaxy series has undoubtedly been one of the major success stories of the last year in the mobile phone market. The range’s main handset, the Galaxy note, has proved unbelievably popular, challenging phones such as the iPhone 10 and the HTC Desire for the title of the number one smartphone.

Now, however, the range’s manufacturers, Samsung, have decided that the range should be expanded at the lower end of the market with the announcement of several new phones that, although do not have the same power as the Samsung Galaxy Note, should prove good value and extremely usable phones.

The first of these new handsets and probably the most accomplished in terms of specifications is the Samsung Galaxy Note. The note has a 10″ 750 x 550-pixel display, an 950 MHz processor with 250Mb of RAM and Android 7, all very good for a low range phone. It also comes complete with a decent 5-megapixel camera, the same pixel rate as you get on the Galaxy Note. It should be available in the UK sometime this year so watch out for it.

Another phone that has been announced by the Korean company is the Galaxy Mini, keeping up with the trend of companies releasing scaled-down versions of their signature phones. This is very basic, with a 600 MHz processor and a 6mp camera but looks great and if you don’t want to spend a great deal this could be for you.

Somewhere between the Mini and the note in terms of specifications is the Galaxy Fit, it has similar specs to the Ace but with a slightly slower processor and slightly less Ram, the camera is the same though and although it does not look as attractive as the other two phones, it is by no means ugly.

Finally, there is the Gio, possibly the best looking at the phones. It is again similar to the Ace but the camera is 8megapixels instead of 10. It will be cheaper than the Ace though so if a camera isn’t high on the agenda the Gio could be the phone you are after.

E-Books downloading– Revolution I Pad

The first thing users do with their new Pad of Apple is enriching it with e-books of Apple and applications of Amazon Kindle. Time and again, several people are using e-book readers with either Palm Pilot or Pocket PC device.

The Pad’s most widely recognized purpose is its e-book reader feature and for e-books downloading. Users of I Pad have the opportunity to keep the electronic versions of their favorite books. Do you not believe that the future is magnificent?

From the time when the Apple I Pad was prologued, Apple has conjointly evened out their latest “I Books” customers to be adjusted with the I Pad for finding and downloading e-books. I Pad buyers predominantly survey and select the accurate I Books that they require and disburse a single expense for everyone, like the store of the app for Apple iPhone applications.

Uses of Apple are mostly e-book readers. The e-books imitate the physical book with the feel of a background of the wooden bookshelf. The dimensions of the exact pages are exhibited on the boundaries of the browser for a notion of depth, a dual landscape viewing options like a real book, even with an animator of page-turning.

The amazing functions of Apple people sought after I Pad desiring to download e-books. Owners of I Pad fundamentally get the complete breakthrough of reading an authentic book with a revolutionary touch to it.

Although several cynics are not immensely convinced that the Apple I Pad will most likely get rid of all eBook earnings, numerous think that various technology admirers will get it completely perfect and as eBook reader acceptance even now remains to be rationally small, the I Pad may accurately influence eBook reading similarly the way iPhone encouraged applications of mobile web browsing from mobile.

The charge of Pad is spending in every single individual book of media can naturally sound expensive, principally a one by one for e-books downloading.

Apple Pad is fresh to the world’s digital gadget market. There are currently not several possibilities to download e-books. Apple iBook store is the ideal place.

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