The Food Network Filming at Greasewood Flat

If you are a die-hard fan of the Food Network then this post may make you a little jealous. Our dear friends Felon and Seth gave us the inside scoop that the Food Network would be in Arizona filming at Greasewood Flat. So, we took this as the perfect opportunity to not only try out Greasewood Flat’s famous Bacon Green Chili Cheeseburger but take part in actual filming.

Being an adventurous couple on a mission for good eats we seized the day, hopped in our car and headed up to Greasewood Flat. We could not contain our excitement and was eager to see what Food Network star and show was going to be making a special appearance.

We have been told that Greasewood Flat has been a favorite local bar dive amongst the natives for years and we wanted to see what all the fuss was about. But leave it to us to let our taste buds and our eyes do the judging. So, hold on tight to your saddlebags we are taking you on a tasty ride!

Driving up Greasewood Flats dusty dirt road pass the donkey corral we knew we were in for a treat complete. Don’t worry there is ample parking. When we arrived we felt like we were walking through the doors of an Old Western Saloon and got a glimpse of what Arizona was like before the sprawl.

We could picture happy and satisfied cowboys riding off into the Arizona sunset after having a casual meal and a cold brew (Yee Haw!). We rubbed shoulders with an eclectic blend of diners from cowboys, cowgirls, the cosmopolitan type, locals, out-of-towners and macho bikers armed with ice-cold beer all eagerly waiting.

Housed in a 120+-year-old stage bunkhouse with rickety wood floors and low ceiling plastered with dollar bills autographed by happy patrons Greasewood Flat are a friendly, relaxing, airy and casual t-shirt and jeans dining joint and cowboy bar located off the beaten path. Loaded with lots of western charm, a cowboy-is atmosphere, foot-tapping country music, rustic decor and outdoor dining for fresh air this will surely get you in the western spirit.

What we love about dining at Greasewood Flat is that it is the complete opposite of Scottsdale posh, complete with good food and a good time. You truly go back in time – old wagon wheels, broken down wagons, livestock, farming tools, and ironworks are on display as if you are on the set for a Western movie (minus the gun-slinging outlaws!).  While we waited for our meal we strolled around the property, which was the original stagecoach stop at Rita Pass between Fort McDowell and Phoenix.

They even have a horseshoe pit to pass the time. At night you can kick back underneath the stars and enjoy live music, warm bonfires and square dancing on the dance floor. If you are lucky you can witness stunning sunset views over the Pinnacle Peak mountaintops to the west. It was the perfect backdrop for a wonderful dining experience and provided the Food Network film crew with some inspiration.

Hot dogs, warm bowl of chili and burgers are how the west was won or at least that is our stomachs talking. Greasewood Flats menu will make you hunger for home on the range and satisfy your big beefy cow-boy appetite (only cowboy size portions here!). With burgers and beer being a mainstay on the menu, it has been serving up juicy grilled to order burgers for 30 years. Being veteran grill masters they must know their way around the grill.

But the question remained…would it live up to its name? Well, we would have to taste and see. Upon arriving we decided to get in line to place our order at their counter. We attempted to use our investigating skills to find out what Food Network Show was coming, but not even the servers had any clue. It appeared that the reveal would be hush until the filming crew arrived.

While we salivated over the menu we were told by some of the Greasewood Flat regulars to order their signature 1/2 lb. Green Chili Cheeseburger or their famous 1/2lb Bacon Green Chili Cheeseburger. Seeing that we were starving we decided to order them both to share.

How could we resist a burger piled high with crispy bacon and layered with Green Chilies! Their burger is made with 90% fresh lean ground beef and served with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle and potato chips. They do sell beer and alcoholic beverages at their cash-only bar, but only take a card for buying food.


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