The Brooklyn Pub Irish Bar Plus Italian Food Equals Hooray Drinks

Brooklyn Pub is kind of a dream come true. It has the feel of an Irish pub (if you ever went to Safe Haven, which used to be in the same location, the layout is still pretty much the same) but they make some really, truly amazing food.

Nothing against Irish pub food I adore pub food. Give me a Ploughman’s sandwich or a jacket potato and beans and I’m happy. But seriously, this is good, good food, and the prices are crazy inexpensive for how delicious it is.

I headed over with my wife and we got there right as it opened (around 3-ish I think). We grabbed a table and ordered a couple of beers – I had a Brooklyn Oktoberfest, and Phaedra had the Sam Adams Oktoberfest. Both were super good (I like Brooklyn’s a little better – the Sam Adams is awesome, but a little sweeter and heavier). Then we started drooling on the menu.

It’s a little corny, but I have to admit I kind of love the fact that the menu items are named after Brooklyn spots. I mean, Gowns Canal Jumbo Fried Shrimp? Awesome we went for the South Slope Rice Balls. This is what they look like.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is two balls of risotto with sausage, breaded, fried and lovingly slathered in marinara and cheese. It was as amazing as it looks. It cost $6 or something. Amazing deal and so delicious I’m close to settling down this laptop and walking over for more.

Then we split one of the day’s specials, beer-braised short rib with rice, broccoli robe, cornbread, and Coleslaw. It was $10. That price included a glass of wine.

Ok, ok, I know, this is a blog about drinking, but come on! It’s food in a bar! I’m allowed!

Fine, I’ll wrap it up. We went back a week later and that time we got the Coney Island Dogs (two Nathan’s dogs, $6) and nachos (chili, salsa, cheese, jalapenos, olives, etc.) and they were both super yummy. A week later we went back for more and tried Pauline’s Baby Back ribs ($10 with sides) and a $5 basket of Brooklyn Fries (they come with a side of gravy). We got two baskets. What can I say, they good tasted.

Drinks! We just had a bunch of beers – the Oktoberfest’s, some Stella’s, and, the third time we went, a couple of Sam Adams Winter Lagers – but the selection is very reasonable. They’ve got a good variety on tap and lots of great bottled stuff. If you want to keep it Irish you can grab a Guinness, but if you’re feeling the whole Italian thing, your Perini is right there waiting.

The service was great, and it seems like the folks who work there really love what they do and are committed to the idea of running a public house that feels like home-away-from-home. Super friendly service, an Irish bar, and an Italian kitchen all add up to a truly unique Brooklyn experience and a real heck of a local sports pub.

Oh yeah, they show sports, too. They have like, seven nice TV. I forgot that, but it’s true and pretty sweet. Also, sometimes they show You, Gabe Gabe.


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