Think About Your Bathroom for Home Improvement

New bathroom taps have been introduced by Deva which includes features specifically to cater to eco-conscious contemporary bathroom design and you should know all about bathroom improvement.

The bathroom accessories manufacturer explains that the flexible base of its other range of bathroom taps allows for flow regulators to be installed.

As a result, the taps can be limited to a rate of two liters per minute, helping to reduce the amount of water consumed and the production of wastewater leaving the property.

Deva sales and marketing manager Claire Stokes explains the stylistic features that make the new range well suited to contemporary bathroom designs.

She says: “The Other range, with its strong, bold lines and softer, curvy lever handles and spouts, will satisfy the desire for marrying minimalist design and a hint of delicacy.”

Deva produces a variety of bathroom accessory lines for different contemporary design styles, including the Crux range with its smoothed corners and cubic structure.

Electrolux looks to future of bathroom appliances

Contemporary bathroom design need not be held back by the conventional shape and appearance of bathroom accessories.

Electrolux has unveiled Shine, a compact washing machine range designed specifically to fit into bathrooms.

The company explains that almost two-fifths (39 percent) of European households have a washing machine in their bathroom.

In response to this, Electrolux researched color schemes, materials, lighting and the general ambiance of bathrooms to reassess its approach to washing machines.

Industrial design manager for fabric care Calm Armstrong says: “The bathroom has become more of a relaxation room than just a bathroom.

“It helps create a therapeutic atmosphere like one can see coming from the Japanese culture.”

The news follows the publication of figures by Electrolux showing that equal proportions of householders consider the appearance and functionality of appliances as being the most important aspect when choosing which products to purchase for their homes.

Bathroom improvements ‘are a place to start’

Bathroom upgrades are among the most lucrative home improvements that can be made on any budget, reports Plumbing Park.

The publication explains that functional rooms – such as the kitchen or bathroom – are the best place to start for home improvements, no matter how much or little is available to spend.

“For many homeowners, the bathroom needs just as much wow factor as the kitchen,” the article author adds.

Among the suggested additions to be made as part of contemporary bathroom design are electric showers – which are now available in a variety of styles and colors.

Meanwhile, homes with high mains water pressure can be fitted with mixer showers, which draw hot water from the mains rather than heating it themselves.

The Energy Saving Trust also recommends fitting hot water and heating controls, if they are not already easily accessible on homes’ boilers, as they can make sure the property is kept at a comfortable temperature while also cutting bills and reducing the family’s carbon footprint.

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