Before Thinking Your Home Improvement Know All About Doors and Windows

Minimal expanding spray foam can provide effective insulation around windows and doors, experts have said.

Writing for the Daily News-Miner, the Cold Climate Housing Research Center responded to a reader’s question regarding the fiberglass that surrounded their portals.

“Fiberglass is a great insulator but still allows air to flow in and out,” the organization noted, advising foam could provide an improved seal.

However, the product should be used on dry surfaces only, the body stated, warning even material designed to swell minimally will expand.

To prevent the material from spilling out, the recommended using masking tape during the application, which can be removed after the foam, has cured.

Another way to insulate doors and windows is to use a compressible foam backer rod and silicone caulking, the organization asserted.

Following the body’s advice may be a cheap way to make homes more energy-efficient, as sustainability and communications director of Sustain, Gordon Miller, recently said the money spent fitting insulation would be made back through lower heating bills.

As winter conditions subside, the time could be right to check whether new windows and doors are needed.

Draughty windows can let the cold air in but can also let heat out; meaning the warmth generated by a home’s heating system will seep through the gaps left in windows and doors, emitting excess CO2 into the atmosphere.

US-based news provider claims that it is easy enough to figure out if older windows need to be replaced.

“If you hold a candle up to the window for example and the flame flickers, then you know you have a seal issue and that you should probably consider replacing your windows,” consumer expert Angie Hicks advised.

In America, a new tax credit scheme is being implemented whereby homeowners make energy-efficient adjustments to their property and will often be subsidized for the building materials they use – receiving up to 30 percent of the cost of replacement windows or doors.

This is similar to the boiler scrappage scheme in the UK, where people can receive money off a new boiler to phase-out the use of old, inefficient heating systems.

Giving doors a fresh coat of paint can help add the essential kern appeal required to achieve a sale, reports the Mirror.

The publication suggests that period properties and classic homes can benefit from a neutral shade – sage green, eggshell and white gloss is among the recommendations.

However, for urban properties, classic color choices include red, forest green, royal blue, and black.

“Sort out those nagging DIY jobs you keep putting off, which will no doubt put people off buying your otherwise lovely home,” the article urges.

As well as giving a fresh lick of paint to front doors, the Mirror suggests adding planters either side of the entrance to emphasize that the home has been well cared for.

Replacing old cracked or wooden doors with alternatives made of modern composite materials could also help to freshen up a property’s entrance, as composite doors can be kept clean with a quick wipe with a damp cloth.

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