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Who Can Help Me Get a Loan Modification for Real Estate Really

This also puts a lot of people, right in the middle of the bull’s eye of people who say they can help with modification and want to charge you a big upfront fee for doing so, and when you give them your money, you are told one thing and then you find yourself waiting and waiting and waiting. 30 days turn into 60 days.

Then it is for 5 or 6 months and what is happening. Then you start calling other people or companies to help after you can’t get a hold of the people who took your money and said they were going to help.

Or, you call the bank directly and try to deal with them. Some people are very fortunate and can get someone to talk to that speaks English, and can help. Part of the problem with dealing with the bank for real estate loans directly is, besides the fact that they are simply imploded, is that they are going to ask you about your financials, and you will give those answers to questions over the phone.

Here is half of the problem. A great number of people will answer everything the bank asks, and then get a typical response from the bank that you do not qualify for a loan modification.

Here is part of a bigger problem; they may qualify for a modification. The bank is not your uncle; they are not going to be sympathetic or empathetic. They have minimally paid people, taking information that will have a direct effect on your ability to save your house or get a payment adjustment that you will be able to live with.

This is from an article in the Washington Post, written by Renee Merle, December 17th, about Bank of America, and its inability to get loan modifications done promptly.

“The bank has come under criticism for lagging behind competitors in signing up borrowers to the program, known as Making Home Affordable. By November, Bank of America had registered only 15 percent, or about 160,000 customers, of the more than 1 million delinquent borrowers who are potentially eligible, according to Treasury Department data. That is a far smaller percentage than competitors such as J.P. Morgan Chase and Citigroup.

Only about 340,000 of the 1 million delinquent borrowers identified by Treasury are likely to survive the qualification process, Jack Schacht, Bank of America’s credit loss mitigation strategies executive, said on a conference call with reporters. Many of the remaining distressed borrowers have abandoned their home or rented it to tenants, making them ineligible, he said. Others are unemployed and can’t afford even lowered payments, he said.”

Doing simple math, does that mean that only one-third of homeowners will qualify? Does that mean the odds are against homeowners that much? What about self-employed, unemployed, second homes, etc.

It is not just Bank of America, all of the banks want to have a cookie-cutter approach to qualifying a home-owner for a loan modification, and unfortunately, that is not the way to make things work for people. To make things even worse, people who are charging people also want to have a cookie-cutter approach when working with the bank.

What is the solution?

How can people get the help that is needed and how do you know who can help. Taking a financial analysis approach is key. Putting all the cards on the table, and then sorting out the hand that you want to show the bank, is basically what needs to be done. There is more than one program available to homeowners.

The truth is that each case is different, and circumstances need to be evaluated, analyzed, and hard questions need to be asked. As I mentioned the bank is not your uncle, they are not your friend or a trusted confidant. They are a business, they have shareholders and to you, Mr. or Ms. Homeowner, you are nothing more than a loan number and either fall under the category of Performing Asset or Non-Performing Asset.

This means that if you are making your payments on time as agreed, you are a Performing Asset. If you have fallen on difficult times and have gotten behind in payments by a full 30 days, (not just 15 days and now are paying the bank’s junk fees, known as late payments), now you are a Non-Performing asset. This triggers off a series of reports and now you have fallen in a different category. The bank now sees that they may have a situation, and believe it, they have many situations.

Try calling the bank and asking for assistance on a loan modification and not being at least 30 days late, they will make you feel foolish, and worse will in some cases, tell you to call them back when you are 90 days late. Does this sound like who you want to help you? Sure they cost is free when dealing with the bank you, or is it? The truth is it can cost you a lot more, like your house.

So what is that worth to you? What does it cost to have someone help get a homeowner qualified or at least look and run the numbers and analyze the situation to see what potential program may work for you?

It is a complete package that needs to be looked at, not just your interest rate. Some people’s unsecured debt, (credit card debt) needs to be addressed to show the bank intent on the homeowner’s part to take control of the situation and be financially prudent.

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An Overview of Real Estate Management

Buying, selling and maintaining the property is a full-time business that requires complete investment in terms of both time and money. Whether it is buying a new property, selling it or even expanding possibilities on an existing one, time constraints often lead to many mistakes being committed and problems being created. Precisely for the reasons mentioned, as well as to ensure easy handlings of property are real estate management companies created.

Real estate management encompasses everything related to property, including purchasing, selling, handling, supervising, monitoring and, of course, repair and maintenance. If you are already an owner, then such companies can help you to maintain your property, lease it to tenants or even sell it at a profitable price. Similarly, if you are looking for a good property, then real estate management companies help you find a good property within your budget.

The term real estate management can be divided into various subcategories which include appraisal, development, property management, brokerage, and relocation. Property is broadly defined as both land and any permanent structure that is built on it. An appraisal is where the company evaluates the property and decides on its actual value depending on its potential.

A good appraiser will help you identify the best use for the property that will ensure higher profits. Similarly, real estate management includes both land-based and building-oriented development. Land-based development includes building roads and creating utility connections on the land, while building-oriented development includes building structures on the land and developing the property in such a way that it can be sold or leased out as separate units.

Real estate management also includes the actual maintenance and upkeep of the property and the structure on it. Brokerage is another very important part of property management and it deals with the actual buying and selling of property. A good real estate company will help identify the best deals for buyers and help sell the property at great rates for those selling properties. Finally, real estate management services also include relocating to other places or countries.

Given the wide range of activities performed by a real estate management company, it is definitely in your best interest to hire one to manage your property. The main advantage of hiring such a company is that you are relieved of the responsibility of managing your property and can utilize that time to do other things.

Secondly, on-site and off-site property management requires a lot of input from the owner or landlord, but, by hiring a real estate management company to oversee your property, the entire maintenance and management routine is taken over by experts who manage your property to produce maximum returns.

Thirdly, if you are planning to invest in some new property, then such companies can help you identify the best property based on your requirements. If you have already identified one, the competent professionals working in such companies can help you in appraising the property for possible risk factors.

Finally, a good real estate management company will help you with all the legalities involved in buying, selling and maintaining the property. Most people are unaware of the legalities and think it to be unnecessary; when in reality they are important for the profitable maintenance of the property. This can be avoided by hiring a good property management company.

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The Lost Opportunities in Real Estate

The real estate market in the United States has come a long way in the last few years. Just a few years ago to be precise, the residential housing market was single-handedly driving the economic growth engine.

To the extent, the industry experts valued the US residential market at upwards of USD 20 million. Millions of homeowners got into a cycle where they would mortgage their existing homes to finance purchases of household durables or even another house.

Things came to such a point wherein the economy was no longer able to sustain the astronomical price levels at which houses were being bought and sold. The result was the bursting of the so-called housing bubble, a real estate phenomenon in which homeowners were unable to repay their mortgages and the entire market crashed.

Circa, the residential real estate market in the United States has hit a slump. Compared to the housing boom that the early 2000 era witnessed, most mortgage owners are struggling to pay their debts today.  There are a whole lot of people who are ending up with foreclosures of their mortgages.

As a result of this, lending institutions have to auction off the properties of those who are defaulting on their mortgage payments.  On one hand, people are losing the rights to their homes while on the other hand, it is opening up opportunities for others to buy homes at low rates.

Several factors are contributing to this slump in real estate growth in the residential sector. Some of the large lending institutions have filed for bankruptcy thus sinking with them billions of dollars’ worth of mortgage-backed securities.

This has had a ripple effect on the financial and banking sector in general since most of them have reduced exposure to the retail sector. Added to this, the employment levels have also fallen since people have lesser disposable income owing to the general economic slump brought about by the falling real estate markets.

In the backdrop of all these changes, several trends have started emerging in the US residential real estate market. A large number of people who had bought homes are desperate to sell-off. As a result, the typical real estate market that has always been a buyers’ market is now a sellers’ market. People are looking to get a decent value for their properties which, in most cases, is not happening due to lack of adequate demand. This has hurt real estate agents as well.

Those who represent clients willing to sell their properties are earning lesser commissions than those representing clients buying houses. This is because those buying houses are far less in number and the real estate market is willing to pay a premium to help them buy a house.

The good side of all these developments is the change in the affordability of houses in locations that have been traditionally considered the stronghold of the rich. As a result, the real estate market is slowing offering affordable housing in better living places, throughout the United States.

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The Understanding of Real Estate Management

In real estate management, estate agents play quite a crucial role between two parties. They are the consultants who provide the information required by you for any type of property that you are looking for.

Realty agents are the intermediaries and the consultants who handle the delicate issues all through the levels of real estate management. It is a fact that real estate management is really difficult to understand and interpret the requirements of somebody who wants to sell their property and the one who is planning to buy it.

Understanding what the consumers want requires tactics, good experience, and knowledge, which a consultant can easily do. Giving consultations for property purchases or sales is a difficult yet important activity, which you should not take lightly and of course, this fact goes for both the parties.

Making mediation in the realty market is an indispensable moment to insist on the rights and requirements of both parties. Indeed it happens that these days the society believes in a competition where the stronger one bullies and the weaker face it.

This is why mediation plays a big role in protecting the rights of the buyers as well as sellers. Real estate management has got quite different trends and if you are a part of this realty market then you will also need to have a grasp over the market in the form of knowledge and information.

Real estate management also focuses on how to deal with consumers and therefore consumer relationship management techniques are also important for you. The environment of any place represents how a market would do in a certain place, but these real estate management techniques also define things like

 How to deal with all types of consumers, whether it is a buyer or a seller
what information to give to the consumers so that they get attracted to the property you are going to show them
How to make profits without making any loss to the consumers

These are the reasons why real estate management service involves certain levels of planning and implementing proper strategies for managing an important resource, i.e., property.

Transparency and professionalism are no doubt very important while providing these services, but the whole aim of the real estate management consultants remains to get both the parties at the level of negotiation and creating a deal out of them.

If you are also into this business of real estate management, you should go with the fact that the brick provides shelter for good and bad times, and you have to make out good for yourself while your consumers are also satisfied with the deal.

These days, the Internet has become a great medium to give us full information on the subject but as a consumer, we should not just blindly believe in the data given on the network. Thorough research work needs to be done for real estate management concerns, and other terms and conditions should also be seen fully so that you do not land into troubles of any kind.

However, each of the properties you see on the Internet also has a detailed sheet along. To make sure that everything is to pay a visit to this place for exact confirmation.

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The Real Estate in Zurich for Your Future

Living in Zurich: quality of life and high living costs

Zurich – the capital of the canton of Zurich, political municipality, the economic, scientific and social center of Switzerland, and above all one of the cities, it is said, with the world’s best quality of life – and the most expensive cost of living.

Zurich is home to around 394,000 people, which corresponds to a population density of around 4,300 inhabitants per square kilometer. The original community of Zurich only included the area of ​​today’s old town (today’s district 1). After surrounding villages were also settled, the city of Zurich is now made up of twelve city districts, each comprising two to four quarters.

For many years, around 120,000 people have changed their living quarters in the city of Zurich each year, i.e. they either move to the city new or move within the city of Zurich.

Despite the comparatively high cost of living, the Swiss banking city is in greater demand than ever – a rich cultural offer, high security, lively districts, and idyllic surroundings make Zurich a sought-after city for those looking for accommodation.

Zurich and apartments in Zurich are particularly attractive to people from abroad thanks to low taxes throughout Switzerland and the metropolitan character of the city. 

Looking for an apartment: Zurich, rental prices and lack of housing

The supply of living space, like in many other large cities, is a long-running political issue in Zurich. Living in Zurich focuses primarily on the core city itself since centrality plays an important role for many apartment seekers.

Accordingly, the greatest heterogeneity in terms of purchasing power can be found in the core city: Switzerland, and above all the Zurich core city, attracts many millionaires, so that individual residents of Zurich have almost unlimited budgets for living, while others, such as young families, students or older people, only very limited.

Due to the high demand, the vacancy rate in Zurich is traditionally low compared to the rest of Switzerland and internationally. At this low level, there are also significant fluctuations compared to the previous year. The number of empty apartments in Zurich was 18 vacant apartments and only 0.01%. In 1997 there were 1070 vacant apartments in Zurich at a rate of 0.55%. In 2008, there were 57 vacant properties in the city at 0.03%.

Rent index Zurich: Rising rental prices and the business with luxury apartments

Contrary to popular belief, the rent level in the city of Zurich is not relevantly higher than in the surrounding area, despite the high demand: Figures from the Swiss Labor Force Survey (SAKE 2005) show that the average rent for a 4-room apartment in the city of Zurich is CHF 1,700 inch Incidental costs differ only marginally from the canton’s average rent of CHF 1,650.

Generally speaking, however, there is an almost uninterrupted increase in rental prices. Rents are currently around 12% higher than in 2000. Adjusted for inflation (8%), there has been a real price increase of around 4% since then. This shows a significant increase in rents in Zurich. It should be noted, however, that rental prices across Switzerland have also risen practically in the same ratio.

Good news for everyone who is currently looking for an apartment in Zurich or the rest of Switzerland: prices on the Swiss housing market rose more slowly in 2013 than in previous years. The average growth was 1.1 percent; prices had risen by 3.7 percent.

Nevertheless, average tenants cannot breathe a sigh of relief, because the reason for the price decline is in the luxury segment, where the prices for single-family houses and apartments in Zurich have fallen.

Demand for the medium and low sectors has traditionally been high. But even if, as the Handelszeitung reports, luxury apartments are now empty for the first time: The many premium real estate agents in Zurich, of which Engel and Volker’s is certainly the best known, will continue to do good to very good business in the future

Zurich rent index: huge differences between the individual city districts

If the average rents in Zurich are only marginally higher than in the rest of Switzerland, there are still significant differences in the different parts of Zurich. A free apartment directly in Zurich city center costs exactly twice as much as a comparable apartment in Schwamendingen. As the Niue Zurich Zeitung reports, a 100 square meter apartment with 4.5 rooms in Stadtkreis 1 costs an average of 4,400 francs, in Schwamendingen 2,200.

Apartments in Zurich and the demographic change

If finding a flat in Zurich is generally not easy, it is particularly difficult for single-person flat seekers. They hardly play a role in residential construction projects. Many residential construction projects commissioned by the city of Zurich categorically exclude small apartments.

This excludes an entire age group. In the urban settlement on Rautistrasse in Altstetten, for example, there are only apartments with 3½ to 5½ rooms. Individuals are not permitted for such apartments due to occupancy regulations, the focus is on families. Older people, in particular, can hardly afford an apartment on the free market in the city of Zurich.

This is especially a problem when you look at demographic change and its effects: According to the Federal Statistical Office, around a quarter of the population of Zurich will be over 65 in the next 20 years. The need for smaller 1 to 2-room apartments is constantly increasing. The range of 2,000 urban 1 to 2-room apartments is also very differently distributed: in district 4 there are over 600 such small apartments, in district 7 there are none.

Progressive housing construction that incorporates demographic changes into its planning is therefore required here as an answer to social changes.

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The Main Area in Home Kitchen is Best part in Home Improvement

Property owners are looking to individualize their kitchens through main part home improvements and put their “own touch” on their cooking area, according to Britannia Living.

The kitchen may be one of the most important rooms in a house, not only in terms of value but also for its functionality.

Robert Cassidy, brand manager at the firm, said that kitchen appliances such as colored cookers have recently increased in popularity with cream, red and white models proving particularly fashionable.

“They households want to individualize their kitchen and have it their way … People are getting color-savvy about the way they want things to look, but also about the functionality behind it as well,” he said.

Mr. Cassidy added that the economic downturn has caused several homeowners to consider their options more carefully before deciding on any purchase.

Kitchens ‘most important room in the house

Homeowners should make every effort to get their kitchen interiors right as they are the most important spaces in any house, according to the Ideal Home Show.

One expert believes that keeping up to date with contemporary kitchen design is essential and families need to dedicate a lot of time to get it right.

Those thinking of decorating their kitchens may want to take influences from the latest interiors trend for nude and washed-out pastel paint colors, which emulate the current shades popular within the fashion world.

George Clarke, the home improvements expert at the Ideal Home Show, also said that natural lighting should be a key point of focus for any kitchen.

“Get as much natural light into the kitchen as possible by adding skylights in your kitchen roof or by changing old windows into new large, glass doors,” he commented.

According to an article in the Daily Mail, the interiors world is “hot on the heels” of the fashion world with its take on washed-out pastels and flesh tones.

Mixing materials in kitchens ‘is trendy

Mixing light and dark finishes on wooden cabinet doors in kitchens are fashionable, one commentator has said.

Writing for the Economic Times, Many peoples said that the components of the room should be “combined creatively” using different types of timber, scalloped edges or glass panels.

Those hoping to undertake home improvement projects in small kitchens may like to consider using sliding doors on large cabinets, as the expert said this is one way of maximizing space.

Meanwhile, those who enjoy keeping their house decoration fashionable could think about fitting cabinets with lighting on the ceiling and double or larger islands, as advised these features were currently in vogue.

She also recommended laminate for cost-effective home improvement with a modern look and traditional timber, which she said was still a favorite.

People who like the idea of using natural materials for their home may be interested to know that one designer recently used real wood flooring to transform a dark loft in Boston, according to Interior Design Magazine.

Home Improvement

Before Thinking Your Home Improvement Know All About Doors and Windows

Minimal expanding spray foam can provide effective insulation around windows and doors, experts have said.

Writing for the Daily News-Miner, the Cold Climate Housing Research Center responded to a reader’s question regarding the fiberglass that surrounded their portals.

“Fiberglass is a great insulator but still allows air to flow in and out,” the organization noted, advising foam could provide an improved seal.

However, the product should be used on dry surfaces only, the body stated, warning even material designed to swell minimally will expand.

To prevent the material from spilling out, the recommended using masking tape during the application, which can be removed after the foam, has cured.

Another way to insulate doors and windows is to use a compressible foam backer rod and silicone caulking, the organization asserted.

Following the body’s advice may be a cheap way to make homes more energy-efficient, as sustainability and communications director of Sustain, Gordon Miller, recently said the money spent fitting insulation would be made back through lower heating bills.

As winter conditions subside, the time could be right to check whether new windows and doors are needed.

Draughty windows can let the cold air in but can also let heat out; meaning the warmth generated by a home’s heating system will seep through the gaps left in windows and doors, emitting excess CO2 into the atmosphere.

US-based news provider claims that it is easy enough to figure out if older windows need to be replaced.

“If you hold a candle up to the window for example and the flame flickers, then you know you have a seal issue and that you should probably consider replacing your windows,” consumer expert Angie Hicks advised.

In America, a new tax credit scheme is being implemented whereby homeowners make energy-efficient adjustments to their property and will often be subsidized for the building materials they use – receiving up to 30 percent of the cost of replacement windows or doors.

This is similar to the boiler scrappage scheme in the UK, where people can receive money off a new boiler to phase-out the use of old, inefficient heating systems.

Giving doors a fresh coat of paint can help add the essential kern appeal required to achieve a sale, reports the Mirror.

The publication suggests that period properties and classic homes can benefit from a neutral shade – sage green, eggshell and white gloss is among the recommendations.

However, for urban properties, classic color choices include red, forest green, royal blue, and black.

“Sort out those nagging DIY jobs you keep putting off, which will no doubt put people off buying your otherwise lovely home,” the article urges.

As well as giving a fresh lick of paint to front doors, the Mirror suggests adding planters either side of the entrance to emphasize that the home has been well cared for.

Replacing old cracked or wooden doors with alternatives made of modern composite materials could also help to freshen up a property’s entrance, as composite doors can be kept clean with a quick wipe with a damp cloth.

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Think About Your Bathroom for Home Improvement

New bathroom taps have been introduced by Deva which includes features specifically to cater to eco-conscious contemporary bathroom design and you should know all about bathroom improvement.

The bathroom accessories manufacturer explains that the flexible base of its other range of bathroom taps allows for flow regulators to be installed.

As a result, the taps can be limited to a rate of two liters per minute, helping to reduce the amount of water consumed and the production of wastewater leaving the property.

Deva sales and marketing manager Claire Stokes explains the stylistic features that make the new range well suited to contemporary bathroom designs.

She says: “The Other range, with its strong, bold lines and softer, curvy lever handles and spouts, will satisfy the desire for marrying minimalist design and a hint of delicacy.”

Deva produces a variety of bathroom accessory lines for different contemporary design styles, including the Crux range with its smoothed corners and cubic structure.

Electrolux looks to future of bathroom appliances

Contemporary bathroom design need not be held back by the conventional shape and appearance of bathroom accessories.

Electrolux has unveiled Shine, a compact washing machine range designed specifically to fit into bathrooms.

The company explains that almost two-fifths (39 percent) of European households have a washing machine in their bathroom.

In response to this, Electrolux researched color schemes, materials, lighting and the general ambiance of bathrooms to reassess its approach to washing machines.

Industrial design manager for fabric care Calm Armstrong says: “The bathroom has become more of a relaxation room than just a bathroom.

“It helps create a therapeutic atmosphere like one can see coming from the Japanese culture.”

The news follows the publication of figures by Electrolux showing that equal proportions of householders consider the appearance and functionality of appliances as being the most important aspect when choosing which products to purchase for their homes.

Bathroom improvements ‘are a place to start’

Bathroom upgrades are among the most lucrative home improvements that can be made on any budget, reports Plumbing Park.

The publication explains that functional rooms – such as the kitchen or bathroom – are the best place to start for home improvements, no matter how much or little is available to spend.

“For many homeowners, the bathroom needs just as much wow factor as the kitchen,” the article author adds.

Among the suggested additions to be made as part of contemporary bathroom design are electric showers – which are now available in a variety of styles and colors.

Meanwhile, homes with high mains water pressure can be fitted with mixer showers, which draw hot water from the mains rather than heating it themselves.

The Energy Saving Trust also recommends fitting hot water and heating controls, if they are not already easily accessible on homes’ boilers, as they can make sure the property is kept at a comfortable temperature while also cutting bills and reducing the family’s carbon footprint.

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You Should Know About Attics for Your Home Improvement

Attics: we all know where they are, but what do they do for us?

They hold up the roof;

Help keep the sun out;

Keep rain from getting into our homes and doing damage; and

They are a place to store stuff.

What about the squirrel nest, you ask?

The picture to the right is of a nest of a squirrel family who was not paying rent so I evicted them after I bought this house.

They moved out for the summer because it got too hot. So, during the rehab of this house, we closed their access hole and covered it with a ¼” heavy-duty wire mesh stapled with ¾” staples. (Squirrels will rip standard window screen out and eat through the vinyl.)

We then cleaned out this nest. Squirrels add to their nest every season, so they must have lived in there for several years.

It is also a place we expect to be safe to run the electrical wiring. Just remember, squirrels love to eat the PVC in the wiring.

What about the carpet on the floor you ask?

We bought a house that had carpet on the attic floor. There was a door from the second floor that leads right into it. The first time I went in there, I walked over to the light that was on a pull string about 10 feet from the door. As I was walking across the floor, there was this strange sensation that the floor moved as I walked.

After I turned on the light, I realized the previous owner had taken carpet and placed it on top of the insulation. No support at all. I could have fallen through very easily and can you believe it, they were even storing stuff out there!

In this section, we will be discussing:


Fans have positive points and negative points.

The positive points are that the temperature and moisture can be controlled if the fan is on a thermostat.

The negative points are that if the outside humidity is high, the fan will operate and bring more moisture. When the outside temperature drops at night the excess moisture can condense and add to the moisture problem.


The proper insulation is mandatory if you want to save energy. Without a doubt, this is the most important item.

There should be a vapor barrier facing the occupied space. Older homes and ones with fiberglass bats usually have this. Newer homes with blown-in insulation do not have this vapor barrier. The vapor barrier is very important.


Temperature and moisture control are the two major reasons you must control ventilation. Very few houses today have the correct amount of ventilation. I think the perfect ventilation would be the way houses in the islands are built or the way the Seminole Indians build theirs.

Is this practical for all homes?  

Besides, we have become way too acclimated to air conditioning. That invention is what allowed Florida and the Southwest to experience a population boom. Today’s insulation is needed to keep our electrical consumption down.


If you have enough room to stand up, you should consider installing a set of stairs to make the entrance easier and safer. Stairs are easy to install and usually can be completed in a day. Your safety is also very much improved.

Home Improvement

How to Start a Home Improvement Service

There are more and more home improvement referral services across the US. They spend their time looking for trusted and good quality contractors that can do the work, which brings a great profit to these businesses.

And you won’t need much to take a break. A home improvement referral service business takes only a little money and not more time than a regular 40 hour a week job. These businesses can make good money even in the first year.

What you need to first is to think about what kind of home improvement business you want to refer to. This can include gutter cleaning and replacement, remodeling, building additions, fencing, lawn maintenance, and many others. Bear in mind that not all people like to remodel if you do, and many of them simply don’t have the time to do it. Therefore, no business should be overlooked.

You will need to call the local, county and state government offices when you choose the type of contractors you would like to include in your referral business. You should get all the requirements and regulations connected to the business registry, licensing and insurance for every contractor you have. And this is just a first step in building your list. It is good to have a policy that would exclude all contractors from your list in case they do not meet the government regulations.

By knowing these requirements and using them, your home improvement referral business will gain credibility with your clients. The contractor will not be on your list at all in case they do not meet these requirements. Knowing that the job will be done as agreed and correctly is what will make your clients feel more satisfied and relaxed.

Another way to ensure the creditability of your referral service business is to only look at contractors that are recommended by their past happy customers. Bear in mind that this is not the end of a screening process. The recommendations are simply not enough.

You should always check the contractor’s quality and level of service when you get the recommendation to your home improvement referral business. Talk to them, explaining your referral service business. You will see that most contractors will be happy to oblige when it comes to the information they need to give you. This is your home improvement referral service business and you can take it wherever you want.