License Plates Can Prevent Drivers From Getting Into Traffic Jams in Sao Paulo

Congestion does not just lose patience, but time and money, in addition to increasing pollution. So far, nothing new, but simple measures are taken to avoid trouble.

Want an example?

If you do not usually pass through a neighborhood, you may find yourself involved in an absurd traffic jam because that day there is a football game.

Ask a traffic officer if it is possible to enter the street where you had planned to go, but that day it is forbidden. He will explain to you: “Ah, on game days it is like that …” Did any signs in the vicinity, on the main access roads, warn you that before you couldn’t escape the congestion anymore? And on free-market days,

Do you know that you will head and waste time when driving through an unfamiliar neighborhood?

Does any sign warn you?

It is not uncommon for drivers to find themselves in congestion at dawn, on the margins of the Pinero’s and Tiete rivers, in the city of São Paulo. Usually, after midnight, the runway is tapered for works, and the flow is diverted from the local runway to the express or vice versa.

Of course, the track has to undergo maintenance (mainly in an election year …), but does it cost to warn drivers, putting up banners warning of the deviation when the unfortunate person can still choose an alternative path? In case, this solution would be much cheaper than the fuel burned in the jam.

Lack of information is not only waste but also synonymous with insecurity. At kilometer 2 of the local lane of the Marginal Tiete, between the Remedies and Anhanguera bridges, the left lane throws the car onto the express lane.

Who doesn’t want to go there, ends up making a sudden maneuver to stay in place? There is no indication on the ground or signs stating that that track is exclusive for those who are going to leave the local track. If you don’t know the stretch, you get scared.

From super sports in Sao Paulo

Riding in a super sports car in Europe is very good, but nothing like having the pleasure of speeding it up here in Brazil. So we make those curves that we know, we pass through our holes every day and, of course, we can get the opinion of friends, family, neighbors… I am telling you that almost as much fun as speeding up is to notice people’s reactions.

This week I’m aboard a German bolide (I won’t say which one is so as not to spoil the surprise of the next edition, but above there is a picture of the animal’s roof) that gives something to talk about when it passes. Ah, the driver also becomes an instant celebrity even without being a BBB.

In traffic, it generates extreme reactions. Some give way; want to observe every detail of the car. Others, when they see the sports car, decide to go after it to show that they can overcome it. Of course, I don’t joke, but even so yesterday a Merida driver almost hit a motorcycle when he “cut” in front of me. Stopping at traffic lights is also the subject of stories.

One night the driver of a Cornish 1.0 from the old ones stopped beside me and started to accelerate. Laughing, I opened the window and reminded him that there was radar just ahead before he took off. At my warning and when I realized that I was not going to “fry” M… (Oops, I almost tell you which car it is), the guy gave up on irresponsibility.

As if that weren’t enough when I reached the parking lot where I leave the test cars, next to my house, one of the kids who live there couldn’t help himself. As I maneuvered the machine to fit the spot, he would jump and punch the air, as if celebrating a goal from the heart team. And you, what have you done to admire a big car? If you have a super sportive, participate too! Tell us about a curious situation that you have lived with.

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